Why Synthetic Lawns Will Save You Money on Landscape Maintenance in Nottingham

Property mangers, homeowners, commercial building owners, and institutions can save money and cut their budgets by installing artificial turf in lieu of water-thirsty grass. The idea is not new, but is gaining more traction as owners and stakeholders seek to cut costs in a tightening economy.

The concept is actually very simple. If you replace real grass lawns, which often require a large amount of water and upkeep each week, with real-looking synthetic lawns that require little or no maintenance and zero water, the return on investment can be worthwhile. Monthly costs are cut on two fronts. Artificial turf requires less irrigation water, which can be expensive, especially in arid climates. Additionally, landscape maintenance costs are significantly lower with synthetic lawns, especially for institutions with large grounds.

Is the cost worthwhile? This is something that each homeowner or building owner will need to figure out, but the first step to do that is to get a quote for installing the product on your particular property. Bids can vary widely between contractors, and experienced installation of a quality product is extremely important if you want to get the best return on your investment.

In many cases, the cost of materials and installation can be recouped within one to three years. With interest rates as low as they are currently, if a project is financed, the monthly cost of the synthetic lawn installation can be significantly lower than the monthly cost of the water and maintenance services that are no longer necessary. This can save the average homeowner upwards of twenty dollars per month.

Where larger savings become attainable is with larger properties, such as churches, schools, and commercial buildings. For properties with larger areas of lawn, an artificial turf solution can lead to a savings of hundreds of dollars per month.

There may also be tax savings one can pick up from installing artificial turf. The best advice is to talk to your tax advisor about it, but the expense may be able to be written off in some cases. Many times, state governments and municipalities even offer incentives for synthetic lawn installation to offset some of the initial cost of installation. In all cases, however, property owners should immediately see lower costs for monthly costs such as irrigation water and landscape maintenance. If the property is rental property, the costs may be even more significant, since a small savings may make the difference between a positive and negative cash flow.

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