Debunking the Myths about Synthetic Grass

Much has been said about Synthetic grass – both good and bad. A significant portion of the bad information mostly stems from the various fake myths the society has been made to believe as true. Whereas some people hold on to these myths passionately, many are as well discovering the truth, leading them to adopt synthetic grass due to its multiple benefits.

So let’s look into some of the famous falsehoods and misconceptions about synthetic grass. Hopefully, this will assist you to discover the real truths about it and also reveal to you how lush and striking synthetic grass can be.

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Myth 1: It doesn’t feel or look like a real natural lawn

When it was first introduced to the world, artificial grass looked nothing like natural grass. Among other weird things, it had a funny sheen to it that resembled a plastic surface, it retained so much heat and often it would hurt the feet, and then the blades felt a bit rough, bristly and wiry. One would not have argued in defence of synthetic grass then because the evidence was bare. It just wasn’t anything close to a natural lawn.

But the advent of technology changed everything. Over the years, it has undergone multiple improvements and today, none of the issues we mentioned can be seen. It’s so hard for to even tell the difference. Use of materials such as polyolefin has added much authenticity to it such that it exactly has the look and feel of natural grass.

Myth 2: Successful installation is one hell of a task.

Of course a number of factors must be put into consideration before installing synthetic grass. Mostly it’s the ground preparation. Initially, this used to take weeks but with the majority of professionals taking up the task, it can take even up to less than a day. Ever asked yourself why it’s gotten so popular in most residential neighborhoods? It’s because it takes a shorter time to be completed.

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Myth 3: It’s not eco-friendly

You’re probably aware of this. That synthetic grass is very harmful to the environment. Really? Let’s find out. We all know how damaging to the environment pesticides and insecticides can be. Yet artificial grass requires none of these. In some areas, especially during hot and dry summer, water restrictions apply. Interestingly, synthetic grass requires very minimal water to keep it in a good state. It helps to conserve water, especially in areas where water is a bit scarce. Not forgetting to mention that it can as well be recycled. Now, does that still make it harmful to the environment?

Myth 4: Only rich people can afford it

Here’s another common misconception. In truth, synthetic grass is very reasonably priced. A clear proof of this is its recently increased popularity. Among the many reasons why artificial grass is gaining popularity so fast is due to its cost effectiveness. It’s not just the rich and famous who own synthetic grass alone these days. Everyone can access and buy to install in their backyard, front yard and many other places.

In truth, synthetic grass is inexpensive, feels real, it’s environmentally friendly and also very easy to install. Don’t believe anything less than this. It even goes beyond- It’s durable, easy to maintain, looks great and so much more. Go beyond the myths and try it for yourself so as to experience all its multiple benefits.

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