Maintenance Guide

Easy maintenance guide for your new lawn

  1. Be sure to blow or brush any debris or leaves from the surface regularly.
  2. To keep airborne weeds from taking hold, weedkill twice yearly.
  3. Prevent tree debris and sap by cutting back overhanging trees.
  4. Remove pet mess as soon as possible by hosing away.
  5. Prevent surface burning by removing mirrors or lenses from the garden.

How to Best Maintain an Artificial Lawn

Giving tender loving care to your artificial lawn every now and then is the best way to get the most out of it- You give it the longest life expectancy possible, and you make it look good all the time. Many people, however, tend to focus on just how little maintenance is required.

Often, they hear that you will spend less time mowing, watering or doing anything a real natural lawn demands. Well then, what is actually involved in maintaining an artificial lawn, and what is the best way to do it?

To begin with, let’s first clear the doubts on why it takes less time to maintain an artificial lawn. One major feature of artificial lawns is that they are durable and long-lasting. In taking care of them, you only need to spend one quarter of the time you would spend taking care of a natural lawn. And this little time spent caring for the lawn is what helps to boost its lifespan.

Cleaning the debris

Extreme weather always brings its own problems. Even though artificial lawns are quite resistant to weather, much of the dirt and dust caused has the potential to affect it. Moss growth is one of the many things that you should be worried about.

For your grass to maintain its dapper looks, you will regularly have to clear the debris brought forth by extreme weather. In the process, you will also be helping it to stay in perfect condition for many years to come. After all, we all also know that a lawn that looks messy as well as neglected is less of an asset to your house.

Using cleaning agents

Extreme care must really be taken when looking for a cleaning agent to use in cleaning an artificial lawn. To begin with, check to ensure whether the cleaning agent you intend to buy is suitable for such lawns. It’s your responsibility to do the research just to be sure that what you intend to use is the most appropriate product.

Keep in mind that one way to destroy your artificial lawn is to use wrong cleaning agents. Not only will they discolour the lawn but also the blades will be eroded. Worse, this type of harm might be completely irreversible.

Bad cleaning agents have also been found to be dangerous to pets and children who use the lawn. So always exercise extreme caution in choosing one.

Water and other effective cleaning tools

Much as it sounds odd for some people, it’s important for any artificial lawn owner to note that water is always the best cleaner for any artificial lawn. Aside from being cheap and easily available in most areas, it’s also extremely effective in getting rid of any grime or dust that is found deposited on the grass. If you are in areas with limited rainfall, you can make use of a water hose or sprinkler to get rid of the debris.

Brooms/soft rake/ a hard brush

All these implements are perfect for brushing over the grass. As soon as you notice a slight change in the colour of your grass, employ the use of any of them. Make sure you brush the grass in both directions. This way you will have gotten rid of debris that could potentially damage the lawn’s stability in the future.

You can also use a garden vacuum or a leaf blower. Both are great in clearing debris dropped from birds flying over and overhanging trees too.

In conclusion, if you own an artificial lawn, which is a significant investment, always make it a priority to take good care of it. That way you will have a lot to enjoy and be proud of from your lawn.

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