Artificial Turf in Nottingham


Artificial Turf in Nottingham: Ideal For Our Local Weather

A section of us look forward to the changing weather patterns for different reasons but if you own a natural lawn, this changes could be bad news for you. Over winter, you might have to endure muddy paw prints and also bald patches and come summer, you will be working your fingers to the bone to save your natural lawn from dyeing out or being burned brown by a blazing sun.

Other areas of (place) are susceptible to moss which is usually a result of bad drainage combined with the existing poor soil. Even though you could add another layer of quality soil and have proper drainage channels installed to keep your lawn safe from moss, the process itself might cost you a fortune.

Artificial lawns, however, make a great choice under such conditions making them an ideal choice for those in (place) as they are able to endure any type of weather.

How Artificial Grass Resists Against Harsh Weather

Besides the fact that artificial grass is created out of synthetic fibres, it’s pretty difficult to tell it apart from the natural grass. The synthetic fibres are largely the reason why the fake grass can survive extreme weather conditions. Be it snow, heavy downpours, ice or blazing sunrays, it can endure them all and here’s how.

Low maintenance

Unlike a natural lawn, artificial grass only requires you to tenderly brush it as you would your hair perhaps and this is to get rid of leaves plus other debris that may accumulate over time. That alone will keep it not just clean but green and healthy.


An artificial lawn is designed to be permeable and so regardless of how low the temperatures drop, the frost/snow that forms thereafter will eventually melt and flow off automatically through the artificial turf.

Environmentally conscious

Hot climates are synonymous with dryness and water shortages. Soon as winter fades away, this is what you should expect and if you have a natural lawn this means investing heavily in water and other tasks as re-levelling. Statistically speaking, fake grass will only devour roughly up to 1,000,000 gallons a year whereas a natural lawn often consumesbillions of gallons of water a year.

So the bottom line is an artificial lawn can survive pretty much any weather condition and with the help of the UV stabilization, the turf is never going to lose its lush look.

Benefits to Recreational, Commercial, and Residential Facilities

Weather resistant turfs are beneficial in multiple ways mostly to schools, gardens, recreational facilities and even residents. Usually, specific activities that happen on the ground on either of these places often get halted whenever it rains heavily or there’s snowing.

Thanks to an artificial turf, one doesn’t have to endure such scenarios. You can as well put up canopies over the space that is covered by the turf.

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