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Child Friendly

No more muddy feet or patchy areas from playing games.

Pet Friendly

No more muddy paws and no dead patches from pet wee.

No More Mowing

No more mowing allowing
more leisure time.

No Watering

No need to water and no more sun bleached lawns.

No Feeding

No need to spend
money on lawn feeds.

latex backing showing in roll of grass

Drainage Pre-punched

Pre punched holes
allow free surface

Looks Great All Year

An artificial lawn looks
great whatever the

drainage holes in roll of grass

Latex Backing

All our artficial grasses are latex backed.

For the most experienced artificial grass supplier and installer in the Nottingham area.. you need Lawn Frog. Synthetic grass is the right choice for anyone who wants a low maintenance but always perfect garden.

Get rid of your old shabby turf, throw out the lawnmower and choose to have a perfect lawn 12 months a year.

Lawn Frog has installed artificial lawns in gardens, patios, pools and putting greens all over the area.

We have a wide selection of turf colours, textures and pile heights, a high quality product and something that is guaranteed to meet your own requirements.

What are the benefits of a synthetic lawn?

There are many benefits that synthetic grass has over real grass. Below are just some of the main advantages that an artificial lawn can give to anyone looking for domestic or commercial turf.

It is pet and children friendly

Useable in all weathers

Low maintenance. No more lawnmowers or weeding and feeding, there is just a minimal amount of maintenance required to keep it looking its best.

Environmentally friendly, especially during times of water shortage, at which time your lawn always looks perfect compared to that of your neighbours.

Has a clean and uniform look, ideal for every landscape requirement.

Easy to clean and care for using mild detergents when required.

Invisible shock pads can be added where necessary for fall protection.

Perfect for high footfall areas. A traditional lawn would wear and become muddy, your new synthetic lawn will not.

Low cost to re-lawn in required. The ground work is already done, so minimal cost to recover.

What is artificial grass made from?

Polyethylene is the preferred material for artificial grass. It has been made in pretty much the same way since Astroturf was introduced in 1965. However the process has been refined, and the turf is made now in the same way that carpet is made.

Polyethylene is normally used in preference to polypropylene and nylon, mainly because it is more flexible, less glossy, holds less of a static charge, doesn’t tear easily, is more UV stable, and is stronger, so has less tendency to tear or rip.

What should you look for in artificial turf?

Avoid anything described as being soft. This normally signifies a poor quality plastic.

Always look for structured or profiled blades, which means that the grass blades have more strength and will stand upright, rather than laying flat.

Check the yarn end count. Good products normally have a minimum of 16 yarn ends (or blades of grass) in each tuft.
The more yarn ends means a more dense product.

Avoid shiny looking grass. This can signify a poor quality of plastic, ideally look for grade C6 or C8 polyethylene.

fake grass close up

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